Quisha’s Creations, LLC is where Style & Creativity meets Versatility.  We have been in business since 2018.  We specialize in Hair Loss Treatments, Natural Hair, Styling, Braiding, Extensions, Silk Press, Cutting, Dreads, Retwists, Updos, Relaxers, and Color. 

Here at Quisha’s Creations, LLC, we give every client an experience at a level of professionalism that leaves you feeling satisfied. Satisfaction is OUR GUARANTEE.

Our goal is to stay educated and informative of the latest trends, various hair textures, and techniques at a level of expertise in an industry that is constantly evolving. 

We’re conveniently located in Overland Park, Kansas in the old downtown area. We cater to ALL clients located in the area and in its surrounding areas.


“Our Diverse Team Embodies Core Values, Which Is Where Style And Creativity Meets Versatility”


The mission of Quisha’s Creations, LLC is to ensure a core value based environment, where people of all walks of life can come and feel valued and welcomed. We deliver quality services and commit to achieve Quisha’s Creations, LLC vision of Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, and Professionalism for our diverse community. This is where Style and Creativity meets Versatility.
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What Is Trichology, You Ask?

Trichology is the study of hair and scalp disorders. Trichology is the para-medical scientific study of the hair, hair loss and associated scalp problems.

What Does A Trichologist/ Certified Trichologist Do Exactly?

A Trichologist/ Certified Trichologist is a hair, hair loss and scalp specialist.  We’re trained to look for and at hair loss problems in a holistic way by evaluating clients based on individual history, lifestyle, genetic and environmental conditions.


I’m Laquisha Morrow, Owner/Certified Trichologist/Certified Cosmetologist of Quisha’s Creations, LLC ®.  I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. I went to Cosmetology School in 2009. I graduated and received my Cosmetology license in 2010. I furthered my education at USTI (United States Trichology Institute) to become a Certified Hair Loss Practitioner in 2020.